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Paper Dolls Teen Scene Cartridge Review

When I saw the cartridge Paper Dolls Teen Scene, I knew right away that I have to have one.  Few years from now my son will be a teen-ager and it would be appropriate to have this cartridge.  Besides, he is now at the stage so-called "in-betweeners" - you know, cant say he is still a baby nor a toddler but he is in that stage that he acts and thinks like a big boy and at the same time a baby when mommy is around =)

I got my cartridge 2 weeks ago and timely my son will turn 9 before this month ends.  We had plans for his birthday - an all boy celebration .... his classmates.  Sad to say we have to reset his party and it will be come December instead.

If one will search for the said cartridge, this is what you'll ever get to read and nothing more::
"Create stylish and trendy projects with the Paper Dolls Teen Scene cartridge. This cartridge has three girl dolls and two boy dolls, and each doll has ten hairstyles and twenty outfits. The clothes and hairstyles are interchangeable for dolls of the same pose so you get just the look you want. The versatility of the cartridges will surprise even the most imaginative crafters"  The description is all true and one will find all the dolls superb but here is what I have discovered:

As I was about to start making some cuts, I got confused and actually did a mistake on pressing the button.  Looking closely at the overlay, you will just see blackout figures and for me it all looks the same   I had to remember the page of the figure and put a mark on the overlay button.  I believe this is one overlay that I have to write numbers on each button because I end up having a headache that I had to pause for an hour.

Also, one has to cut all the required layers.  In my case I ignored one layer so my cut look like a browned-eye Chinese teen.  Oh well I can just use my black pearlmaker for the eyes or better yet the 3D eyes instead.

As for the shoes, I did made some cuts but at the end I just threw all the shoes because it was difficult to find the right angle before adhering.  I can perhaps use stickles or acrylic paints instead.

But all in all, I'm very happy I bought this cartridge for after all I have The Paper Dolls Dress Up and Everyday Paper Dolls cartridges =)

 Thanks for dropping by!

Christmas Tags (Ornaments)

Have you guys visited The Graphics Fairy?  I'm sure you did and maybe an avid follower =)  To date, the blog has over 3,000 graphics free for everyone. I admire all her graphics and sometimes I grab and that's what I did last year.  I grab all the birds I find so cute and I just can't resist.

At first, I don't know what to do with the birds but then after making and hanging all the 3D birds I've made for our Christmas tree last year, I decided to use the graphics as our added ornaments.  Although I've made 60 3D birds it wasn't enough BUT after adding the tag ornaments, it made our tree a beautiful and happy one.

I cut all tags using Tags, Bags, Boxes and More Cricut cartridge.  Sprayed some home-made glimmer mist using Distress inkers with a dash of Perfect Pearls.  Oh yeah, stamping is essential and I mostly used Kaiser Kraft clear stamps among others.  After adhering all the birds from Graphics Fairy, I applied silver stickles around the image. To hang the tags, I first made a mini Christmas wreaths inspired by Tim Holtz and used a silver star bunting as the loop to hang the tags.

I will definitely keep these tags as long as I live and pass it on to my son someday when he has his own family.

 All the Tags I have made =)

 A sample of the tag hanged on our tree =)

Hanged tag ornaments but without the 3D birds yet =)

There's the tree last year with balls, 3D birds and of course the Tags =)

 Thanks for viewing =)

Winter Lace Snowflakes : Review

Ever wondered what snowflakes you can cut using Winter Lace Cricut Cartridge?  I was and that's why last year I spent few hours cutting all the snowflakes in the said cartridge.  Due to intricacies of most of the snowflakes, I suggest you cut each at least 3 inches.  Otherwise, you will be frustrated cutting it in smaller sizes like what I've experienced.  Hhhhmmmm or maybe my cutting blade was not too sharp anymore so check and change the blade.

All in all I would say it's a must to have Winter Lace cartridge because the snowflakes are too darn cute!  Besides, Sweden has a winter season and oftentimes around January, we have a snowstorm so it's kind'a cute to have snowflakes around the house or on your decorations during Christmas season ... or winter season I should say.

 Here are some of my favorites among the cuts =)

Showing you 2 cuts I've made smaller than 3 inches:

 Thanks for reading my review =)

Graduation Owl Backpack

Just a very quick post since aside from the fact that I'm busy like a bee creating invitation cards for my son's 9th birthday, I'm sick with hard cough and stuffy nose :(  It's all my fault so no one to blame - I should have stayed at home yesterday to rest as suggested by hubby BUT I just had to work due to the trade fair going on in front of one of our shops.  Haist!  Yeah, I did buy few things but at the end I just had to give up coz I felt weak after 2 hours of going around the trade fair.

Anyway, since I'm like a snail when it comes to posting projects I have made, here is one of the projects that I've never posted hahahahahahahahaha.  Found it in my pending files to be posted =)  I made this mini backpack for a teenager who graduated from high-school last June.  Inside the backpack we hid money as graduation gift.  This is not my first time to make a backpack but the first one which I did few Christmases ago was literally made from scratch BUT this one I used the Sesame Street Seasons Cartridge cut into 11" then the owl itself was cut at 3 1/2" using Straight from the Nest Cartridge.

Other materials used were XL Tree Puncher, MS Picket Fence border punch, Stickles, 3D eyes, Congratulations sticker, and a Swedish graduation toothpick =)

left-side view

right-side view

Thanks for viewing =)

Confirmation Card + Envie

What is Confirmation?

con·fir·ma·tion/ˌkänfərˈmāSHən/ - which means (in the Christian Church) the rite at which a baptized person affirms Christian belief and is admitted as a full member of the church.

When a client asked me to make a confirmation card for a 15 year old boy, I was totally excited and at the same time nervous simply because it would be my first time to make a confirmation card.  Normally I'm asked to make Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, love, invitations of all sorts.

Do you remember the day you had your confirmation?  I do!  In fact, I have few pictures and I believe I was not 15 but 10 years old and it happened during my elementary days at Holy Spirit School of Quezon City in the Philippines.  It's a beautiful memory .... I felt that we were all angels dressed in white and oh so prim and proper hahahahahahahahaha.

Anyway, enough of my blabberings, here's the confirmation card I made and it's a huge one ... not the usual size of cards in the market =)


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