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I'm mostly a SAHM since 2003 and I have been a serious crafter at the beginning of 2006 here in Sweden. I laugh a lot that it's contagious. I dream a lot which spices my life. I'm basically a happy person but dangerous to mess with if you know what I mean. I so love yellow and orange that both colors have been on my top list since I was a kid. I love to learn anything about arts and crafts when I have the time.  If I'm not here I'm probably at my other site  or at sharing joy and laughter with fellow crafters.


I remember very well it was the year 2005 that I was searching for something to do while I'm a hands-on mom.  Realizing that I love taking pictures of my daily life especially after giving birth I decided to focus on that but not the photography per se.  Accidentally, while browsing at internet I came across SCRAPBOOKING both traditional and digital.  I opted to venture out with digital scrapbooking since it sounds like I will just be needing a great printer and best quality photo papers.  Luckily, I saw a scrapbook digitl software so DH bought it for me.  I set up my craft space in one of our extra bedrooms at home and started playing with the software.

Then come latter part of 2006 where I attended a trade exhibit exclusive for company owners.  There I was in awe with open mouth (lol) when I saw the extensiveness of traditional scrapbooking.  I ordered lots of items and within a month I set-up my own mini hobby store.

At 2007, I applied to be a circle leader in 2 schools here concentrating on traditional scrapbooking.  I had a blast teaching the craft from all ages both men and women.  It lasted for 2 years then I decided to end that journey for the simple fact that I prefer to be at home and just create for my family.  It was also of the same year that I opened a craft site at Multiply and here at Blogspot.  Both sites were not seriously taken coz it was just a trial journey.  At Multiply I gained a lot of friends and few of them became so close to my heart that I visited them in their own respective countries.

From the 3rd quarter of 2007 to date, I have been creating different things using different mediums.  My once simple craft space is now huge.  Huge in the sense that my DH calls it " a store" (lol).  Upscale tools, machines, materials are now in-hand for me to use.  An extension room at the basement now exists and that's where I do sewing, crocheting, painting, clay making, jewelry/beading, felting, and soap making.  The main craft room is where I do anything that deals with paper crafting.

At the start of 2011, after a thorough organization and upgrading of my main craft room, I have acquired ALL the cricut cartridges that I truly dreamed of and it's nearly 80 carts to date......... more to come definitely =)

SYNOPSIS: Up Close and Personal 
Curriculum Vitae of Jerosha Äretun

Ms. Äretun hails from Philippines.  She is happily married to Hans Äretun since 2002 and blessed to have a son after a year.  She and her husband own both businesses “Specsavers” in Uppsala since April 2005.  She is part of the whole team mostly dealing with customers and a little of everything.  On the side she is serious with her hobby on paper crafting garnering many praises and admirations from people around the world.

Currently she is one of the Hybrid Digital Artist and a columnist for TDS Lifetyle after being a “cirkel ledare” at Medborgarskolan and Studieforbundetvuxenskolan.

She is one of the youngest to graduate at the University of Santo Tomas in the field of Fine Arts major in Advertising.  She has pursued Masters Degree in Public Administration as a full-time student, achieving the highest grade both academic performance and comprehensive examination at National College of Business and Arts, Center for Graduate Studies.  Her graduate level paper  entitled “In Pursuit of Peace, Democracy and Development:  Improving Our People’s Lives through the Social Reform” and “The Core of National Anti-Poverty Commission on Culture within Organization” were both given citation.  Group of Masters in Public Administration reviewed and validated one of her works: “Conveying Concerns Affecting the Filipino Society”.

She began a career in creative services on 1987, when she served as an apprentice at R.K. Davis & Associates formerly known as IDEAS International Ad Agency.  She was promoted thrice and left the agency on 1989 as Media Relations Assistant and Head Artist of the Creative Services Department when the business foreclosed.  Thereafter, she joined other private institutions and specialized in business and product development handling both tangible and non-tangible products.

After 10 years of serving the private sector, she opted to join the government sector under the Office of His Excellency President Fidel Ramos.  She spent her first stint at the Office of the President, Social Reform Council (SRC) Secretariat as Presidential Staff Officer IV handling media affairs.  After nine months, was promoted to Presidential Staff Officer V, handling media and policy advocacy nationwide adopting interpersonal and tri-media strategies.  On July 1989, she was designated Head of the Advocacy Unit of the Policy, Planning and Advocacy Group under the Office of the President, National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC).  It was during her stay with OP-SRC that she was able to write and publish the book: Marketing Social Reforms, Volume 8  - an eight volume series sourcebook of the Social Reform Agenda.  Her last stint with the government was with the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) as Chief-of-Staff for the Director-General, handling technical and administrative operations of both the central and regional PIA offices.

A former part-time Professor for Master in Public Administration and Master in Business Administration major in Human Resource Management, at National College of Business and Arts, Center for Graduate Studies.  A lecturer and resource speaker for various organizations in the field of communication and advocacy and was an active figure in the academe and consultancy job both the government and non-government organizations.  Though an inactive member of the Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-Aawit (OPM) – an organization exclusive for Philippine professional singers, she is considered a professional singer since 1989, and has in fact recorded an album with original compositions entitled “Munting Alay” (A Simple Gift).


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I'm so glad you're here. I dedicate this site solely for all my CRICUT creations. Most of my previous Cricut Creations are posted at my other craft site so if you have time go and check it out.

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I love to craft during my free time and that goes side by side with shopping. I'm so glad you came for a visit. This site is solely dedicated to all my CRICUT play. I hope you'll enjoy watching and reading what you find here. Crossing my fingers that I get to inspire each one of you one way or another. Don't forget to leave some love and kindness to inspire and improve my CRICUT creations. If I'm not here then I'm at my other site which tackles general crafting.

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