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It took a lot of time for me to finally decide that I share with you all the happiness I felt when I got a part of hubby's Christmas gifts to me for 2010. In fact this entry has been drafted and saved since February 6, but I'll just post it anyway =)

Aside from other things DH gave during the holidays these items are the closest to my heart hahahahahahha. It arrived a couple of weeks ago but I was busy with other things plus sometimes I feel to just create and create lately instead of tinkering with my computer. I'm still waiting for few more coz DH was notified that it will be in-stock soon. Geez! Waiting is a pain in my ass hahahahahahahahahahaha. It's a pain simply because I don't know what carts I'm gonna get hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

I remember very well I started with 4 cartridges then with just a blink of an eye it grew .... and still growing =)

To date I have nearly 80 Cricut Cartridges and I'm determined to play on each for this 2011. 80 carts is not much as compared to those who are really into it. In my case, I really choose what i find useful for my style and taste. In fact, the latest release Carts are not at all appealing to me like the ff:

All Sports - the family is not into these sports plus I have Sports Mania cartridge and it's one of the cartridges I acquired when I got aware of Cricut.

Baby Steps - I have New Arrival plus other alternative cartridges in hand so I can live without this latest cart.

Campin' Critters - We're passed the stage of camping and I'm so positive I have an alternative cart in my collection if I need to do a camping LO or need to have cutie animals. I'm so sure I will find something from Paperdoll Dress Up or Everyday paperdolls or Create A Critter for the cutie animals.

Formal Occasion - I have most of the "love and wedding" theme cartridges so I'm pretty sure I can survive without this new cart. The gowns I see in this new cart I'm so sure I can use Once Upon A Time or the Paperdoll Dress Up carts.

Kate's ABC - Oh boy I will definitely can live without this cart coz I have so many girly related figures from almost all the cartridges plus I don't have a baby girl.

I'm still having second thoughts if I should buy Florals Embellished Cricut Cartridge. hhhhmmmm I will definitely think about it over and over again before I make a decision hehehehehehe =)

Oh well these are just my personal opinion wit regards to the new released carts but who knows maybe months and months from now I will change my mind. But so far, I can't see myself using any of the new carts I mentioned above.

Here are the cartridges I got:

I was too excited to open the cases that I forgot to take a pix first.

Mickey Mouse Jumbo Cuts

Project : Mickey Mouse jumbo figures that can be adhered on a wall at the venue together with the birthday banner I created.  This project was done January of 2010 but bear with me as I post this late.  You have to understand that this site was created specifically for all my Cricut plays =)

To be honest I had my Cricut Expressions since January 2009 and it was only 2x that I tried it only for few minutes. The bug was too much for me to explore that time but with my nephew's 1st birthday, I had no choice but to use it since he has a Mickey Mouse Party Theme.

Bhoy of bhoy! I surely had a blast!!!!!! I would say my machine is my lover in disguise hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Every touch and every cut is awesome or shoud I say magical hehehehehehe.

Since Ryan really likes Mickey Mouse, I chose to cut all the Mickey Figures I find cute plus extras at Mickey and Friends Cricut Cartrdige. I maximized the 12 x 12 cardstocks so it will turn out big =)  At that time I had no 12 x 24 cricut mat so I made use of what I had.

If you're curious on all the things I made for his party (non-cricut related), just click each below and you will be directed to the pages:

Mickey Mouse Birthday Digital Invitations
Mickey Mouse CD Digital Labels
Mickey Mouse Mini Topiary
Mickey Mouse Home-made Coloring Books
Mickey Mouse Guestbook
Mickey Mouse Cupcake Toppers
Mickey Mouse Table Accent

Here are the cuts I made using Cricut:

Mickey Mouse Birthday Banner

Of course what's a kiddie birthday party without a banner?  It's incomplete if no banner at all.

Sharing with you all this day what I created for my nephew's first birthday party last year.  It's so long that I had a hard time taking a picture.  I told my brother and sister-in-law that they can just post it the way they like it coz I have no idea how big the wall would be at the venue.

If you're curious on all the things I made for his party (none-cricut related), just click each below and you will be directed to the pages:

Mickey Mouse Birthday Digital Invitations
Mickey Mouse CD Digital Labels
Mickey Mouse Mini Topiary
Mickey Mouse Home-made Coloring Books
Mickey Mouse Guestbook
Mickey Mouse Cupcake Toppers
Mickey Mouse Table Accent

Mickey Mouse CD Cases for Give-a-ways

In every kiddie party there will always be give-a-ways. Most of the time a kid will get a bag of candies before leaving the party.  As for my very first nephew's birthday last February 2010, which I have mentioned was a Mickey Mouse themed party, I created a CD case for all the kiddie guests.  This is how it looks like:

The MM ears were cut using Mickey Font Cricut Cartridge.
The words "Thank You" were cut using New Arrival Cricut Cartridge

Once again I would like to thank the following people who made it possible for me to make and finish this project:

Maryann Laursen - for lending me the Mickey and Friends Cartrdige that works hand in hand with my Mickey Font Cartridge. And of course for helping me with the Mickey Mouse Classic Soundtrack plus providing me withe Mickey Mouse Christmas DVD's.

Connsue Diaz - for finding free links on Mickey Mouse Soundtracks.

Gomitras - for the Mickey Mouse images.

As of last month I was able to acquire the Mickey and Friends Cricut Cartridge so I no longer need to borrow from a dear friend when the need arises =)

If you're curious on all the things I made for his party (non-cricut related), just click each below and you will be directed to the pages:

Mickey Mouse Birthday Digital Invitations
Mickey Mouse CD Digital Labels
Mickey Mouse Mini Topiary
Mickey Mouse Home-made Coloring Books
Mickey Mouse Guestbook
Mickey Mouse Cupcake Toppers
Mickey Mouse Table Accent

Mickey Mouse Jumbo Step-Stair Card

One of the things I made for my  first dearest nephew who celebrated his first birthday last Feb. 27 of 2010, and this project is intended as buffet table topper. It was discussed and agreed that it's a Mickey Mouse party since he's totally crazy when it comes to Mickey.

This is actually one of my favorites I have ever made and this is how it looks like:

The main tool I used is my cricut machine with the Mickey and Friends cricut cartridge combined with Mickey Mouse Font cartridge.  Aside from that I used Heart Lattice punch by MS Deep Edge Punch and MS Train Edge Punch.  One of the focal points of this card is the digital photo invitation that I also made for his intended guests.  I used Mouse In The House Digital Kit by Brittney of Britt-ish Designs and also some scraps from my Scrapbook software, Scrapbook factory Deluxe.  The "Blowing Birthday Wishes" sentiment is by Stampendous.

Look closely and you will see how big this step-stair card is as compared to the regular size in card making. Cutting small Disney figures was not easy but I was patient enough to cut the figures plus the post box and the water case. I embossed the post box with swiss dot cuttlebug embossing folder and the water can with distressed stripes folder. Had a blast cutting the flag and Mickey face though =)

If you're curious on all the things I made for his party, just click each below and you will be directed to the pages:

Mickey Mouse Birthday Digital Invitations
Mickey Mouse CD Digital Labels
Mickey Mouse Mini Topiary
Mickey Mouse Home-made Coloring Books
Mickey Mouse Guestbook
Mickey Mouse Cupcake Toppers
Mickey Mouse Table Accent

Thanks fo viewing =)

Storybook Cricut Cartridge - Review

First and foremost this cartridge is really a must have for all paper crafters. The cartridge is filled with font, graphics, borders, accents and phrases. The amazing part is the cool special features like the Accent/Frame button and the Fancy Corner button. If one adjust the features and layering then each cut gives a 3-D look. The images are magical coz it offers wide range from birds to flowers with intricacy on every cut.

I'm not sure if I made a mistake in counting but here's what I've discovered:

Borders - 30 available cuts
Corners - 34 available cuts
Accent/Frames - 34 or more available cuts
Alpha - 3 kinds and you may choose from Tall but thin, short and fat, fancy - intricate font which all in all one can say fairytale like =)
Numbers and Symbols are available, too
The base for the accent/frames may be used as is and it's about 77 available cuts.
If you have a daughter the crowns 14 available cuts are super cute.
Words / Phrases - I would say 18 available cuts

I did manage to play with this cartridge sometime last year and I was wearing a full smile all the time. Dressep up the word by adding fancy finishing touch. Now I fully understand why Cricut users everywhere are crafting happily ever after with the classic, feminine and versatile Storybook cartridge. It's indeed filled with charming, soft and whimsical graphics so grab one before it becomes "discontinued" cartridge.

Here's my cut .... whimsically layered :)

Kids Craft Day : Dinosaurs

Last November 3, Joseph's good friend / classmate came here coz I promised them that we will do crafting.  they were free to choose what they want to make.  Their decision is to make dinosaurs =)

The night before the scheduled date, I was busy cutting different dinosaurs in 2 sets and thanks so much for the dinosaur cricut cartridge that I bought months and months ago.

I had a great time guiding and watching these 2 kids coz they love to craft and how they enjoyed playing with colors.  Thanks to my dear friend Hershey who came by to help me manage the 2 kids.  At the end, one more kid came and he used to be in Joseph's daycare and he really adores my son very much that from time to time he would ring the doorbell and declares that he wants to play with Joseph.  Yup, the word is declare coz he would literally say "I want to play with Joseph".  Sometimes this cute little boy is lucky but sometimes Joseph is still in school so he leaves very sad.

Here are the boys .....

Pictures below were the art works my son did =)

Finally, the other kid came and they decided to watch a movie.   I rewarded them with popcorn and goodies after a long crafty day =)

Pokemon Birthday Cards (Invitation)

When my son celebrated his 7th birthday last October, he told me way beforehand that he wants Pokemon theme.  Tough luck for me coz there's no Pokemon Cricut Cartridge, right?  A mother will do everything for the sake of the child's happiness and that is a fact.  I want it to be a memorable one coz after all in my family tradition, ages 1,3,5,7,13,16,18,and 21 are years we always have a grand party.  I searched for Pokemon coloring pages at internet an found a lot to our liking.

My son was very very happy with his invitations and proud to say we both worked hard on this project. We sure had a grand time together and I made him decide on what embossing folder ... colors of ink pads ... where to put the digital image. He got sad along the way coz he can't help me in every step of the way - torn between cartoons and cardmaking hahahahahahhaha.

In the invitation, it says there that if you cannot attend call NLt 17th. Everytime a parent calls my heart pounded coz I want all his classmates (boys) to attend. It made me and Joseph super glad when it's just a call to say how awesome the card is and they will not miss the private party.

Materials / Tools:

Different B & W pictures of Pokemon printed on Laser printer and used one image as digital stamp. The other Pokemon pix will be used for coloring books which will be one of his thank you gifts to all the guests (kids).
Tim Holtz Embossing Folder - Rays
Ranger Distress Ink Pads
Hot Off the Press Acrylic Stamp for the "You're Invited"
Cardstocks from CCHobby
Handmade Papers as the base card
Clay machine
Cricut Cartridge - Create A Critter
Copic Markers and ProMarkers
Heide Swapp Edge Distresser
Zig Marker (black) for doodling
Daler Rowny FW Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic - to color the Pokemon clay accent as well as to give highlights on the digital image.
Paper Clay (white)


Joseph embossed the green cardstock with TH embossing folder - rays. 
I distressed all the edges both the green and blue cardstocks.  
Highlighted the edges with Ranger distress ink pad - 
peeled paint for the green cardstock and broken china for the blue cardstock.

Swish some Mustard Seed and Spiced Marmalade ranger Distress ink pads to give a sunny rays effect.

After printing out the Pokemon digital image, 
I colored the image(s) with Copic makrkers and Promarkers. 

 I borrowed Joseph's Pokemon chip and played with paper clay.

 Joseph colored each clay chips with pearlescent acrylic paint.

 Although the mass produced Pokemon chips are reverse, Joseph was very very happy.

 Used Create A Critter cartridge to die-cut the words "Let's Play".

 Printed out the given Nikki's invitation card. Nikki's Adventureland is where Joseph will have his private party =)

Cricut Expression 2 !!!!

What?????  A New Cricut Expression?  When will it ever end? No wonder that the Expression is being sold on a much lower price.  Anyway, the new Expression 2 features a full color touch screen, a few new options and most all the abilities of the old Expression. AND it uses all the cartridges including the Imagine cartridges which is a nice feature. It's available for only a short time (according to the video) but first PC gives us no information as to price or where to get it but then crafty friends got hold of information:

  • The anniversary edition in green will only be available for a limited time. (maybe it's an HSN exclusive?) It will launch on HSN on April 26. MSRP is $399
  • The ANNIVERSARY EDITION is only out for a limited time, but the regular edition of the E2 will be out after that.
  • It IS Gypsy compatible
Honestly, I find it great but I stay away from using inks due to the fact that it would be costly for me ordering from USA online stores all the time.  Besides, I'm super duper happy with my Expression.   I like the old Expression, with the overlays. I think the new E2 is great, that you can use the Imagine carts with this, but the cost of the new machine plus inks doesn't make me drool.  PC seems to always come out with very very expensive items... and then change their minds and by next year it's on sale!!   They just came out with Cricut Imagine, right?  Oh my PC is making us slaves hahahahahahhahahahahahha.

To watch a video on how this bug works:

Discontinued Cricut Cartridges :(

Oh my, there are actually a lot of cricut cartridges that were discontinued.  I'm really happy that base on the list below, the carts I like I was blessed to have those. 

Speaking of cartridges, I'm super-duper happy that I was able to grab ALL the cartridges I have been drooling as part of DH Christmas gift to me last year and to date my Cricut Cart Wishlist is blank =)  I will just have to be always on the look-out on the new release cartridges every month and from there I'm sure I will be building up a new list LOL =)

Here are the "bye-bye" (DISCONTINUED) cartridges:

All Mixed Up

Base Camp
Beyond Birthdays
Christmas Cheer
Fabulous Finds
Indie Art
Locker Talk
Makin’ the Grade
Mini Monograms
New Arrival
Paper Pups
Printing Press
Sans Serif
Speaking of School
Speaking of Winter
Stone Script
Street Sign
Tags, Bags, Boxes & More
Tear Drop
Wordbuilders – A Garden of Words
Wordbuilders – An Ocean of Words

I guess if there is a cartridge you really like based on the list above and found it on an on-line store, GRAB it before it's totally gone.  I noticed that some popular online stores they no longer sell the discontinued cartridges.

Christmas Mailboxes

I just want to share with you all what I made for all our staff last Christmas 2010. It has been 3 years now that we just give each one of them a shopping card. Here in Sweden, as part of Christmas gift law for staff, there is only a certain amount. Hubby and I would rather give them a shopping card so they can just buy what they want.

This project was completed 18 December of this year but due to the fact that I dedicate all my Cricut creations specifically on this site, I opted to share these cute creations.

The snow effect you see on each mailbox is actually made of a snow pen. My son enjoyed blasting each with a heat gun coz it puffs and it sure gives a snow effect. I have no idea if you can see it clearly and closely. Oh few of the cut images were done using
Winter Woodland Cricut Cartridge ... then some were ready made ornaments then used some stickles on it ... 2 mailboxes were accentuated with fabric poinsettia then on one mailbox I used my handmade scrunched flower. All side tags you see are acid-free and I was really glad to find those in a grocery store. As for the opening side, I used SU scallop puncher then stamped sentiments by slojd-detaljer then created pearls using pearl-maker.

The mailboxes were cut using
Love Struck Cricut Cartridge =)

Thanks for viewing!

Let's take a closer look with each of the mailbox =)

The Santa sleigh was cut using Winter Woodland Cartridge

The bird is also from Winter Woodland Cartridge

Another bird cut from Winter Woodland Cartridge

The ice-skating shoe is the last cut I did in this project using the Winter Woodland Cartridge


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