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Kids Craft Day : Dinosaurs

Last November 3, Joseph's good friend / classmate came here coz I promised them that we will do crafting.  they were free to choose what they want to make.  Their decision is to make dinosaurs =)

The night before the scheduled date, I was busy cutting different dinosaurs in 2 sets and thanks so much for the dinosaur cricut cartridge that I bought months and months ago.

I had a great time guiding and watching these 2 kids coz they love to craft and how they enjoyed playing with colors.  Thanks to my dear friend Hershey who came by to help me manage the 2 kids.  At the end, one more kid came and he used to be in Joseph's daycare and he really adores my son very much that from time to time he would ring the doorbell and declares that he wants to play with Joseph.  Yup, the word is declare coz he would literally say "I want to play with Joseph".  Sometimes this cute little boy is lucky but sometimes Joseph is still in school so he leaves very sad.

Here are the boys .....

Pictures below were the art works my son did =)

Finally, the other kid came and they decided to watch a movie.   I rewarded them with popcorn and goodies after a long crafty day =)


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