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It took a lot of time for me to finally decide that I share with you all the happiness I felt when I got a part of hubby's Christmas gifts to me for 2010. In fact this entry has been drafted and saved since February 6, but I'll just post it anyway =)

Aside from other things DH gave during the holidays these items are the closest to my heart hahahahahahha. It arrived a couple of weeks ago but I was busy with other things plus sometimes I feel to just create and create lately instead of tinkering with my computer. I'm still waiting for few more coz DH was notified that it will be in-stock soon. Geez! Waiting is a pain in my ass hahahahahahahahahahaha. It's a pain simply because I don't know what carts I'm gonna get hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

I remember very well I started with 4 cartridges then with just a blink of an eye it grew .... and still growing =)

To date I have nearly 80 Cricut Cartridges and I'm determined to play on each for this 2011. 80 carts is not much as compared to those who are really into it. In my case, I really choose what i find useful for my style and taste. In fact, the latest release Carts are not at all appealing to me like the ff:

All Sports - the family is not into these sports plus I have Sports Mania cartridge and it's one of the cartridges I acquired when I got aware of Cricut.

Baby Steps - I have New Arrival plus other alternative cartridges in hand so I can live without this latest cart.

Campin' Critters - We're passed the stage of camping and I'm so positive I have an alternative cart in my collection if I need to do a camping LO or need to have cutie animals. I'm so sure I will find something from Paperdoll Dress Up or Everyday paperdolls or Create A Critter for the cutie animals.

Formal Occasion - I have most of the "love and wedding" theme cartridges so I'm pretty sure I can survive without this new cart. The gowns I see in this new cart I'm so sure I can use Once Upon A Time or the Paperdoll Dress Up carts.

Kate's ABC - Oh boy I will definitely can live without this cart coz I have so many girly related figures from almost all the cartridges plus I don't have a baby girl.

I'm still having second thoughts if I should buy Florals Embellished Cricut Cartridge. hhhhmmmm I will definitely think about it over and over again before I make a decision hehehehehehe =)

Oh well these are just my personal opinion wit regards to the new released carts but who knows maybe months and months from now I will change my mind. But so far, I can't see myself using any of the new carts I mentioned above.

Here are the cartridges I got:

I was too excited to open the cases that I forgot to take a pix first.


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