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Happy Haunting Cartridge

Lots of great things to say about this cartridge but to sum it up I should say AWESOME!  I believe that every Cricut user should have one.  So many cute things to cut and the 3D Haunted House is one of the best.  Although it entails tons of patience at the end one will feel fulfilled.

I would like to thank my son for firmly deciding that he will have a Halloween Birthday this year ... and yes he did!  Otherwise, I don't think I will choose to cut and assemble the 3D Haunted House this year.  It was an awesome experience step-by-step, all the way through.  One thing one has to remember:

The first cut if you look at the handbook, you have to cut it "fit to page" then look what size it's equivalent - and that should be 7".  From second cut till last do not use fit to page button but adjust to 7" instead.  Otherwise, your house will not be in perfect shape when assembled.  Be sure to cut all the cuts required and this part drove me crazy hahahahahahahahaha.

Lastly, PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE mixed with joy and laughter - a must!!!!  To see my fully assembled 3D Haunted house click here =)


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