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Sweet Amanda - Revamp

Yesterday was a lazy day for me and it has always been like that if it is a Sunday.  I would sleep till 11am but yesterday I woke up at 12nn.  Yeah I know what you're gonna say - wasted hours for crafting ... and that's exactly how I felt.  When I woke up hubby was busy tinkering his motorbike while Joseph is watching his favorite cartoon at the living room.  Looking at our wall clock my goodness it's time for lunch and I bet my men at home are hungry.  I hurriedly made ground meat omelet served with fried rice and sliced cucumber on the side.

After lunch I made a decision to revamp Amanda's framed picture at our wall but my mind is screaming for chocolate bar.  I desperately search for a bar at home coz I usually have candies everywhere heheheheehe but no chocolate.  I locked myself in the bedroom very very sad almost in tears (true!) and that's how hubby found me.  Naturally he asked what's wrong and after explaining to him that I'm desperately craving for a chocolate but all we have are gummy and hard candies.  Yeah he laughed and told me to buy instead.  Two blocks away we have a gasoline store and they have a mini grocery,too.  Your guess is right!  I put on a thick jacket coz it's freezingly cold and walked so fast to the store and bought the bars I think I like for the day.

When I got back hubby was not at home anymore coz it's his time and day for the gym ... Gustaf is in his room ... my son is still watching TV but this time in his room.  Oooohhh-la-la ...yummy-yummy .... I ate the first bar and super satisfied. Feeling happy after a bar of chocolate I was then in the mood to revamp an old scrapbook tradional layout of my step-daughter Amanda.  She's 23 now and working in Norway.  We miss her from time to time but we know she's enjoying her life at Norway with her boyfriend.


Now - 2011
I still used the original DP for the base as well as the band with buckle.  This time i filled the heart buckle with pearlmaker so it will look like a studded buckle.  I made a cut using Paper Lace Cricut Cartridge then added flowers I bought in Thailand last 2009 then adhered "bloom" and "scatter joy" chipboards which I also added crycstal glaze so it looks like a bubble sticker.  For the word "Sweetie", I made a cut using Lovestruck Cricut Cartridge Solution.

I believe it's way much better this time =)

until then......


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